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        Product Development Milestone
        • Won the third batch of national specialty special new "little giant" honor
        • Awarded as "Doctor Workstation of Guangdong Province"

        • ChongQing Branch formally mass produced

        • Investment and expansion completed huihua Electronic Technology Co., LTD

        • Won the title of "China's Top 100 Electronic Components Enterprises"

        • Awarded the "Laboratory Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (Registration Number: CNAS L7388)"

        • 2018
          TCXOThe product is certified by MTK
          VCTCXO products are certified by MTK
          Through TS16949:2015 automotive industry management system certification
          Seam3225 and 2016 products are authenticated by automobile chip
          The product is certified by AEC-Q200 in China


        • 2016
          Expand production TCXO product line capacity reached 12KK/M.
          Introduction of TSX product line capacity to 10KK/M
          Seam2016 products pass high pass certification
        • 2015
          “Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Research Center” rated and certified as “National Laboratory”
          May 15th successfully Public Listing into the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, GEM, stock code 300460.
          Sales revenue amongst global peers ranked 10th and 1st within mainland China suppliers.
        • 2014

          Acquisition of Korea INZI TCXO product line.

        • 2012
          The introduction of the automatic production line by adding capital, the 1612 series achieved the first batch production in China and the capacity reached 38KK/ months.
        • 2011
          Investments in the introduction of high-precision miniaturized automatic production line, 2016 series to achieve the first batch production in China, the capacity of 35KK / month
          To carry out the shareholding system reform and Change name from Guangdong Whelon Huiluntongbao Electronics to Failong Crystal Technology Co Ltd.
          Domestic piezoelectric quartz crystal industry sales revenue and net profit rank first
          Lenovo“2011Annual win-win cooperation Award”
        • 2009
          Expanding production and capital to carry out the technical transformation of chip production automation capacity of 35KK / month, increasing investment to further complete the trial production of SEAM2520, 2016, SEAM SMD2520 products through the batch production certification 
          Be included in“Listed companies in Dongguan”List
          Set up a national level“Piezoelectric quartz crystal research center&rdquo
          Certification of automotive industry management system through TS16949:2009
        • 2006
          Expand production, increase capital and develop new products SEAM/GLASS3225 series, with capacity of 15KK/ months
          SMD3225 26.000MHz commentary“National key new products”
          Certification of
          through ISO9001:2008 quality management system. Authentication of
          through ISO14001:2004 environment management system. Certification of QC080000:2008 hazardous substance process management system
        • 2003
          Expanding production, increasing capital and developing new productsSeam6035、5032,Capacity reached 8KK/ months
          be assessed as“Guangdong high and new technology enterprises”
        • 2002
          A wholly foreign-owned Dongguan Youjing Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in the development and production of surface mounted (SMD) quartz crystal resonator, oscillator chip 
          Established wholly foreign-owned Dongguan Huiluntongbao Electronics Co., Ltd., R & D and production of surface mounted (SMD) quartz crystal resonator / oscillator (7050 series)


        • 1995
          Established Sino-foreign joint venture Dongguan Youlian Electronics Co., Ltd., specializing in R&D and production of metal-encapsulated wire quartz crystal(HC-49U),yield2KK/month.
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